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Our clients and their dreams come first

Jera is an independent investment manager. We work with individuals and groups seeking to protect, manage and perpetuate their legacy in a perennial and secure way.

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We are a management company made up of experts in the financial markets.

We offer robust planning from the complete analysis of the client’s financial situation to implementation of personalized / tailored IPS, with access to the best investments in Brazil and abroad and significant allocation in alternative assets (venture capital, private equity, real estate and infrastructure).

Our pillars

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We take care of people and take into account their particularities and characteristics. At Jera, each family or individual is unique.
We are guided by our clients’ purposes, aspirations, and long-term goals.
We manage all spheres of our clients’ wealth. Our analysis is holistic and detailed.


Professionals with experience in financial markets, risk management, business relationships and investment management.
Sócios Jera Capital
Fernando Kahtalian

COO, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, Member of the Investment Committee
32 years in the financial markets

His career started at Banco Garantia. He occupied leadership positions until becoming the Equities Director at CSFB Garantia. Business administrator by FGV-EAESP.

Felipe Nobre

CEO & CIO, Member of the Investment Committee
28 years in the financial markets

He used to be a fund manager at Banco Fator, Unibanco, and Mainstay, the equity fund management company he founded. Business administrator by FGV-EAESP and Master in Economics of the Financial Sector by USP.

Eduardo Setti, CFP®

Chief Commercial Officer, Member of the Investment Committee
14 years in the financial markets

He worked as a private banker at Credit Suisse Hedging-Griffo and founded the investment consulting company Perpetua Patrimônio. Business administrator by FGV-EAESP and professional certified by IBCPF.

Guilherme Ghidetti, CFA

Investment Director, Member of the Investment Committee
14 years in the financial markets

He was a partner and responsible for fund selection at GPS, currently Julius Baer Family Office. He is certified by CFA, Master in Economics by FGV-EESP, and graduated in Civil Engineering by Poli-USP.

Our proposal

Perpetuating our client’s legacy and wealth.
We want to be the best partner for individuals and groups who seeking to protect, manage and perpetuate their legacy, in a perennial and secure way.
• Clients and their dreams come first.
• Obsession in delivering results for our clients.
• Build transparent and close relationships.
• Ethics and cordiality.
• Meritocracy, excellence and search for positive impact.

What we do

More than a company that understands and takes care of your wealth, we are a trusted partner that supports the many important decisions you will make over the years.
Understand how we act to perpetuate your legacy:

We analyze your wealth as a whole, your individual and family needs, particularities and restrictions in detail.

We assess the geographic distribution and asset classes that compose your investment portfolio.


We help to define the most efficient corporate and tax structure.

We establish the governance rules between Jera, you and your family members through a personalized Investment Policy Statement.

We can help defining the succession strategy and rules.


We reallocate your resources as defined in the planning step, accessing the best opportunities in all asset classes in Brazil and worldwide.


We offer resource consolidation reports across different institutions and locations.

We rebalance your portfolio periodically for tactical reasons, one-off opportunities or changes in long-term strategy.

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Our differential

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Alignment of interests
We do not receive any commission or retrocession. Our only remuneration is the one agreed directly with you.
Personalization and Proximity
We work with a select group of individuals and families. Each client is treated uniquely, as well as each planning and solution.
Access to Opportunities
We look for opportunities in Brazil and abroad to get exclusive and restricted-access investment solutions.
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We are fully transparent about our investment decisions and compensation policies.
Global Approach

We analyze not only financial investments. We understand all your wealth, whether financial assets in Brazil or abroad, equity stakes in companies, real estate, or farms.

Cost efficiency
We not only choose the best investments, but also the most efficient cost structure for you.

Where we are located

Rua Olimpíadas, 200 – 12th floor
Vila Olímpia – São Paulo | SP
Zip Code 04551-000