Wealth Management

Our value proposition starts with a thorough selection of diversified investments - public and private, local and international -

with the main objective of preserving the capital of the investor.

Subsequently, we start a diligent capital allocation process that carefully accomodates

specific needs and guides the investor towards the foremost long-term goals.

Investment Philosophy

We believe that the greatest asset of a family lies in its individuals: the wealth of the family is comprised mainly of human and intellectual capital of its members. The financial capital is one of the tools that supports the growth of the family's wealth.

The preservation and creation of the family wealth is a constant process that demands dedication and is directly related to a well-constructed planning and well-implemented governance. The family governance should be oriented towards the happiness of its members and the maintenance of the family unity throughout generations.

Investment Process

We outline the objectives, needs and restrictions for every client through a well-structured and defined process. We create a robust portfolio with the objective of preserving and accreting the family wealth in the long term. We perform constant monitoring of the portfolio and execute adjustments as needed. With our platform of investments, our clients have access to the largest and most relevant financial products worldwide, and are able to exploit not only domestic markets but also international markets.

Scope of Services

Besides managing the financial investments of our clients, we also administrate specific needs related to taxes, retirement, succession and other issues, such as philanthropy. Moreover, we offer complete management services to real estate properties that a family may have, analyzing the portfolio of real estate assets in the context of a consolidated portfolio, and proposing and executing improvements. Finally, we also perform tailor-made projections of the family's cash flows in order to match with the required precision the income derived from its investments with its short- and long-term liquidity needs.

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